Make No Mistake About It, Jeff Wilpon Believes In Throwing At Players

Yes, I’m aware that Jeff Wilpon is not the manager of the New York Mets. And yes, I’m aware that Jeff Wilpon is not a player on the New York Mets’ roster. But Jeff Wilpon himself is seemingly not aware of these two facts.

In reality, Jeff Wilpon is the chief operating officer of the New York Mets, a job that he doesn’t do very well, but he decided last Thursday that he wanted to get involved in an on the field decision.

It all started when Justin Taylor was “grazed” by a pitch a day earlier that won the game for the Mets. Upset with Taylor’s lack of effort to evade the pitch, A’s pitcher Graham Godfey hit Taylor in the leg with a pitch on Thursday. The Mets didn’t retaliate and after the game, Jeff Wilpon decided to loudly explain to the team how they should handle those types of situations.

New York Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon was apparently so displeased with his team for not seeking retribution against the Oakland Athletics for hitting Justin Turner in the first inning Thursday, he took action.

Immediately after the series finale, which the Mets won 4-1 against the A’s at Citi Field, Wilpon scolded the team for not retaliating, two clubhouse witnesses told

Most players were apparently satisfied in letting the incident pass because Turner was hit in the leg — rather than a spot that might have made him susceptible to injury. They concluded there was a logical reason behind Oakland’s likely motivation, and responding would only have brought on ugliness such as Jose Reyes becoming a target.

That did not sit well with Wilpon, according to team sources, and he chided the team in the clubhouse afterward.

At that my friends, is what the Jeff Wilpon experience is all about.

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