Let’s Start The Day With The Texas Rangers Setting A Sunglasses At Night Record

Yes, I’m aware that you had no idea that there was a sunglasses at night record. And yes, we’re aware that some of you may not be all too interested in such a record. But for those that are, you’ll be excited to know that a new record was set by Rangers fans last night. Quite the feat, even if the old record was only 424 people wearing sunglasses at night.

And yes, that is President George W. Bush pictured with Nolan Ryan. Because there was no way he was missing this.

A Guinness World Record was set at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for “most people wearing sunglasses in the dark” during Tuesday’s game between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros.

The official record is 424 people because those were the folks in the pre-determined sections — 314 and 315 — who would have had sun showing on them if not for the cloudy conditions.

“The minimum requirement was 250,” said Danny Girton Jr., senior corporate adjudicator manager for Guinness World Record. “So that was easily surpassed. An unofficial 30,000 plus wore them as well.”

What day is it? I’ve lost track. Wednesday? Ok. Let’s see if we can crank this thang back up.

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