Let’s Start The Day With Shane Mosley Begging His Corner To Throw In Towel During The Manny Pacquiao Fight

Well, this certainly doesn’t look good. Anytime a professional boxer has the words “You’ve got to stop the fight” attributed to him, it’s certainly not good. And the fact that your opponent was spotted out afterwards singing “La Bamba” until the wee hours of the morning, doesn’t look very good for you either.

But that’s what “Sugar” Shane Mosley’s career has come to.

It’s Thursday. Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

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  1. whatelse says:

    proof steroids doesn’t always enhance an athlete. Shane has been washed up for about 5yrs now and they still promote him as a great. i didn’t bother watching this fight. boxing is losing and relying on old guys like Shane and Hopkins for big fights only makes it worst. boxing needs good young bloods to carry the sport. not old washed up past their prime trying to stretch their legacies to save a dying sport. The only fight everyone wants to see will happen when they are old washed up. No more babying fighters records to make them a house hold name. the best competitive fights are in MMA where if you don’t have a lost, you didn’t fight anyone.

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