Let’s Start The Day With A Rather Entertaining Jim Leyland Meltdown

You know what I like about Jim Leyland? The man just doesn’t care.

Now, when I say he doesn’t care, I’m not saying he doesn’t care about the Tigers. He certainly cares about them. I’m mainly referring to how Leyland doesn’t care what you think about anything. No matter if you think he’s not using his pitching staff correctly or you think that a fellow umpire got a call wrong. The latter happened yesterday when the Tigers’ Andy Dirk was wrongly called safe.

A well intentioned umpire overruled the call because it needed to be overruled, and because it’s a part of his job. But of course, Jim Leyland doesn’t care about any of that. So Leyland rushed out the dugout to entertainingly meltdown.

Good morning. It’s Tuesday. Meltdowns are allowed.

Via MLB.com

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