Former Auburn AD Claims That Prince William Of England Holds A Football Scholarship From Auburn

I have heard many crazy things people do when a royal family has a kid, but this was too funny to pass up. In the Auburn magazine Tiger Roar, former Auburn AD David Housel claims that when Prince William of England was born, he was offered a scholarship. Here is what he wrote:

“Shortly after William’s birth, Coach Pat Dye sent the future king an honorary Auburn football scholarship, as official as any honorary scholarship could be, signed by Coach Dye himself, sealed and delivered.”

“Somewhere in Coach Dye’s files or within the archives of the athletic department or the university there is a letter, a nice note actually, from Buckingham Palace, thanking Coach Dye and Auburn for the scholarship, letting him know that Prince Charles and Diana appreciated Auburn’s courtesy and thoughtfulness. They were confident Prince William would appreciate and consider the offer as he grew older.”

Pat Dye is one funny coach. Even though he couldn’t get the commitment, I have to give credit for trying.

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  1. Richard Straus says:

    I happen to have the same scholorship signed and dated on my birth date hanging on my wall.

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