Don’t Bet Against LeBron Just Yet

Can you believe that even DeShawn Stevenson has jumped on the ‘LeBron Haters’ bandwagon. For the first time in his life, figuratively speaking, Stevenson scored more points in a game than LeBron James did. Stevenson finished with 11 while James only managed to score 8.

Yes, just 8 points. It’s fair to say LeBron had a bad game scoring the ball although he had 9 rebounds and 7 assists. Dwyane Wade led the team with 32 points and Chris Bosh scored 24, though their efforts all fell short.

After the Mavericks 86-83 Game 4 win last night over the Heat, the NBA Finals is tied at 2 games apiece. If I were a betting  man, I would bet that LeBron’s upcoming Game 5 performance will be 3 times better than Game 4’s. I’m not the biggest LeBron James fan in the world, but I can objectively recognize and respect the talent he has on the court. What I  really want to know; how is DeShawn Stevenson going to handle post game interviews tomorrow night after he is torched by James?

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