Dick Enberg Recalls The Wimbledon When He Got A Glimpse Of A ‘Very Healthy’ Female Streaker

Dick Enberg is in the middle of calling his 28th Wimbledon. A Wimbledon that will also be his last. And with all swan songs, there’s always the “most memorable experience” question. Dick Enberg got that question in an interview with USA Today and his answer had nothing to do with any players on the court. And everything to do with a naked young lady on the court that Enberg seemingly has never forgotten.

Enberg says he “falls in love every fortnight” with Wimbledon. But when asked for an all-time memory, he offers up one that’s less-than-reverential: the female streaker — “a very healthy young woman,” he recalls — who strutted behind him and analyst John McEnroe during their live on-court standup at the 1996 men’s final. “I’m giving it the ‘sacred Centre Court’ voice. And you’re coached through the years not to draw attention to what’s inappropriate. But she ran right through the shot. I’m trying to ignore her, but John is yelling, ‘She’s naked, get her in the shot.’ He blew my cover.”

What can he say; he has a weakness for “very healthy young women”. As do well all.

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