Channing Crowder Hints That He Didn’t Sell His Jerseys In College

Yesterday we informed that Channing Crowder’s new radio show made its debut on WQAM in Miami. And if that wasn’t unbelievable enough, Crowder used this first show to “hint” that he sold his jerseys while he attended the University of Florida.

Well, after his “hint” became a big deal, a hilariously big deal in Crowder’s eyes, Crowder decided that it was time to “hint” that he didn’t sell his jersey while he attended the University of Florida.

“You know how big that blew up — that was hilarious,” Crowder told Miami radio station WQAM (560-AM) on Tuesday. “I was trying to say that if you wanted to make money off your name — why couldn’t you make money off your name? And they put it out there like they want to have an investigation on the University of Florida now.

“I said hypothetically twice [Sunday]. I said, hypothetically, if I didn’t have any more of my jerseys because let’s say, hypothetically, some wealthy businessmen liked my play at Florida . . . and they took it and ran off with it.

“As a matter of fact, I think so highly of myself and my mom thinks highly of me so I can’t sell any of my jerseys. I’ve got to keep them all.”

You know what else you can keep, Channing?

Your hints.

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