Unfortunately For Lakers Fans, Mike Dunleavy Is A “Serious” Candidate To Be The Lakers’ Next Head Coach

Assembling coaching candidates lists in professional sports are for the most part useless. For all intents and purposes, your name could show up on one of those lists and it wouldn’t mean a thing. But what does mean a thing is when the words “serious” and “interview” starts getting batted around about a candidate. That’s when things get real. And the last thing a fan of any team wants is a horrible candidate having the word “serious” attached to his name.

Well Lakers fans, I regret to inform you that the word “serious” has now been attached to Mike Dunleavy.

My condolences.

Make no mistake, Dunleavy is very much in line for an interview and expected be a serious candidate for this job.

And there it is.

Yes, yes … it sounds crazy for the Lakers to take in the Clippers’ retread. But aside from Dunleavy having to agree to throw away all those ugly sportcoats he wore with the Clippers if he gets to coach Staples Center’s and the NBA’s marquee team, there’s no major impediment here.

Dunleavy, 57, knows the ins and outs of this world: Beyond stepping in as Lakers coach and reaching the NBA Finals after Pat Riley left in 1990, Dunleavy has seen all that the Lakers went through recently from very close proximity. He is a smart guy who with the Lakers would be as driven to succeed as anyone could be, eager to shake the obvious stigma his struggles as head coach of the Clippers have left.

Yeah, I know this is hard to swallow Lakers fans. But look on the bright side. It could be worse. I mean, what if he already had the job sewn up? Scary stuff, huh?

Since he doesn’t, at the moment, continue to pray that he never does. Because you know, and I know, this won’t end well.

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