The Bobby Bonilla Retirement Plan (That Is Better Than Yours) Is About To Start

[text-box]Remember when we clued you in on Bobby Bonilla’s never-ending contract with the NY Mets? Well, Bonilla is finally about to cash in on what just might be the worst contract of all of time.

And as for the Mets, this might be just the thing that finally bankrupts them.

The beleaguered Mets — hammered by Bernie Madoff’s fraud, free-agent flops and ballpark tumbleweeds — will soon start forking over $1.2 million annually for 25 years to the paunchy, 48-year-old ex-slugger who hasn’t picked up a bat in a decade.

Bonilla, a notorious malcontent who bombed on and off the field for the not-so-Amazin’s in the 1990s, will start collecting his nearly $30 million windfall on July 1. Thanks to a deferred deal he inked with the clueless club in 2000, he’ll collect seven-figure checks through 2035.


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  1. SVB2002 says:

    Good for Bobby. He got abused in New York. He came to the Marlins and flourished again helping the Marlins win in 97. Hopefully this is the straw that breaks the Wilpon’s back. That’s what they get for being in bed with Bernie Made-off.

  2. Look who’s standing next to Bonilla – all smiles with his hand on his shoulder. And Valentine wanted to manage them again? Just what they need.

  3. Big props to his agent for pulling that one off!

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