That Recording By St. Augustine Police Was Just Enough For The Charges To Be Reduced Against Cody Larson And Erik Murphy

Remember that recording that St. Augustine police secretly took of Cody Larson and Erik Murphy basically admitting their crimes? The recordings that made you say to yourself, “man they are screwed.”? Yeah, that recording.

Well wouldn’t you know it, they are not screwed. In fact, even with a recording that screams felony, their charges have been reduced to misdemeanors. And the charges for team manager Joshua Adel have been dropped all together.

Charges against Florida basketball players Cody Larson and Erik Murphy have been reduced and dropped against manager Joshua Adel after their arrests last month in St. Augustine.

After reviewing the case, the state’s attorney in St. Johns County reduced their charges to misdemeanor trespassing.

“When we were talking to the victim of the crime and looking at the facts of the case, it wasn’t a very sophisticated crime,” said Shannon Peters, spokeswoman with the State Attorney’s Office. “They were at a bar, they had been drinking and they kind of did an impulsive act.”

I won’t even comment on this. You already know.

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