Let’s Start The Day With Roy Jones Jr. Getting Knocked Out By Denis Lebedev

Oh, you didn’t know that Roy Jones Jr. was still trying to fight? Well surprise, surprise. He is. But after this weekend’s bout against Russian Denis Lebedev, he just may better not be any longer.

Because Jones has refused to recognize that his best years were long gone, the man who once was thought of a the best pound for pound fighter in the world goes out on a paragraph like this one:

With seconds remaining in the 10th round, Lebedev landed four fierce lefts with Jones on the ropes, where he had been for much of the bout. Jones, once the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter, bowed and shook his head before taking one last right hook from the Russian and falling deadweight to the canvas.

If for some reason the picture and the paragraph doesn’t drive the point home that Roy Jones Jr. is finally done, there’s always video.

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