Jose Canseco Teaches Us How To Pitch A Reality Show To TruTV On Twitter

Ah the joys of technology. It allows you to do just about anything you want. Whether that’s creating your own videos or, in Jose Canseco’s case, letting any TruTV executives that just so happen to be following your Twitter page that you have a great idea for a reality show. And all they have to do email your personal email address and you will tell them all about it.

I know. I know. That doesn’t really sound doable.

Have no fear; Canseco is here to show you that it’s very doable.

Step 1: Put the call out to the masses.

Will this work? Probably not. Unless it does.

Step 2: Provide your personal contact info.

Who cares that thousands of people just got your personal email? Embrace it.

Step 3: Tweak step 2 just a little

On second thought, you probably don’t want any and everyone contacting you so be specific about who you want contacting you.

And there you have. Pitching a reality show to TruTV on Twitter, by Jose Canseco.

There’s no way that it worked. Unless it did.

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  1. That is SO weird. Exactly the same way I tried to get a reality TV deal from TruTV.

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