Is Westbrook the Reason for the Thunder’s Demise?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been sent packing by the Dallas Mavericks after a hard fought 5-game Western Conference Finals. The Mavs are headed to the NBA Finals while the Thunder have many questions that need to be addressed during the off season.

The main questions, can Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant coexist? Or does Westbrook need to be traded? Many analysts, writers and fans agree that he is the problem.

Of course, Westbrook is a great player and has many good attributes, but he isn’t Kevin Durant. Durant has led the NBA in scoring over the past two seasons and is unstoppable in most situations, so why doesn’t he get more shots than Russell Westbrook? First of all, Westbrook is not a point guard. Yeah he an exceptional ball handler but only a mediocre passer; he thinks score first, pass second.

After a career year averaging 22 point per game and 8 assists, Westbrook, statstically, had forgettable playoffs. He put up big scoring numbers but shot below forty percent from the field and averaged nearly five turnovers a game during the Thunder’s playoff run. Not to mention, in total, he had more field goal attempts than any other Thunder player over the last three games, including Durant.

So how are the Thunder going to let this play out? Will they be content with a semi-point guard that likes to shoot, hoping he will eventually change? Or will they realize that they need a more traditional point guard to help their team move forward? As constructed, the Thunder will never win a NBA title.

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