If You Aint Over 6-8, The 76ers Aint Drafting You

The Doug Collins regime in Philadelphia isn’t one that keeps their draft strategy quiet. They are all about transparency. And they have no problem letting us know who they will draft and who they won’t draft.

So to all you guards and forwards out there, that happen to be under 6-8, listen up. The Philadelphia 76ers will not be drafting you, so it’s in your best interest not to expect it.

Unless there is a move before the draft, such as Andre Iguodala being dealt and a good big man being acquired in exchange, a source close to the team said they will not be looking at anyone “under 6-8. We need a big.” 

That is the first priority for coach Doug Collins, president Rod Thorn and general manager Ed Stefanski. After that, other pieces will need to be upgraded and filled, most notably by someone who can score at a consistent level in the NBA.

Don’t you just love teams that realize what they need and they won’t settle for anything else? If only all teams drafted this way.

I’m looking at you, David Kahn.

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