If Anyone Finds Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Please Let Glen “Big Baby” Know

We all knew that the Kendrick Perkins trade would have unwanted effects. We knew that Danny Ainge had basically blown the Celtics’ chance at another championship. That was obvious. We also knew that grown men would cry about it. Definitely obvious. But what wasn’t obvious was the effect it would have on other players. Namely, Glen Davis.

Since the departure of Perkins, rather than showing the world what he’s capable of in a more meaningful role, Davis has shown the world nothing. And the man is confused. Or in his words, “he doesn’t know where he’s at”.

We don’t either, Glen. We don’t either.

“I’ve been nowhere to be found this whole playoffs,” he said. “I need to find myself.”

“I’m frustrated,” he said. “Really frustrated.”

“I don’t know where I’m at,” he said. “It’s my type of year. This is what I do. My years of big playing with the Celtics, playoff ball, this is when I play best. It’s not showing right now.”

“I’ve got to find Glen,” he said. “I don’t know where Glen’s at. I have no idea who’s playing right now.”

Someone help this poor man out. He needs answers. And he needs them now.

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