Here’s George W. Bush Almost Getting Hit By A Foul Ball

Former president George W. Bush headed out to the Rangers-White Sox game yesterday hoping to see some good baseball action. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t think he would be involved in some good baseball action.

Whether he expected it or not, the latter happen when a foul ball was hit in the direction of the owner’s box, where Bush and his wife were sitting. Fortunately this story has a happy ending. The ball missed the president and AJ Pierzynski got to chat with ole W.

The end.

Via My Fox Orlando

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  1. I give him a lot of respect. He’s no longer President but you never hear him knocking the current President or any of his policies. Too bad he didn’t receive the same respect that he deserved as our President!!! We miss you W

  2. For messing up this country, he got and is getting a lot more respect than he deserves

  3. I guess at least now he is doing something more constructive


    Just because he was a arrogant,jerk and those were his good points. He should be credited with not touching the ball in play ala Steve Bartman!

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