Dennis Rodman To Retire His Jersey At A New York Strip Club, As He Should

There are a couple of things that quickly come to mind when you hear the name Dennis Rodman. Here’s a brief list of them:

1) Great rebounder
2) Nut case
3) Cross dresser
4) Strip club aficionado

Now let’s discuss whether or not Rodman should be honored for these “skills”.

1) Great rebounder – The NBA has decided to honor him for this, as they should.
2) Nut case – We’re still talking about him, right? America loves nut cases.
3) Cross dresser – I’m sure someone out there thinks he should be honored for this. Because again, America loves nut cases.
4) Strip club aficionado – Well, wouldn’t you know it? A strip club in New York is about to let him retire his jersey there. As they should.

Class act Dennis Rodman plans to retire his number 10 jersey tomorrow night at jiggle joint Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, where he is hosting his 50th-birthday party. Strippers will don Detroit Pistons jerseys before they sashay onto the floor, we are told. Outrageous NBA star Rodman wants his jersey to hang at the strip club permanently, as a nod to the two big loves of his life — basketball and women. According to Rodman’s rep, Jules Feiler, Charlie Sheen has told the tattooed player he might join him at the bash. “Where else would you expect Dennis to celebrate his 50th?” his rep added.

No need to add anything further. What you’ve read is plenty.

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