Carlos Boozer, Stick Rider

There is a moment for most of us when we realize that someone around us, or in this case on our television, is a stick rider. Last night during game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, we had one of those moments.

You may have noticed that Carlos Boozer looks pretty pumped in the above picture. He doesn’t just look pumped, he is pumped. But if you saw this particular play, he really didn’t have much of a reason to be pretty pumped. Because frankly, the play that left him pretty pumped had nothing to do with him. And to make matters worse, the person who should have been pumped by the play, seeing as though he made it, wasn’t pumped at all.

But enough of all this pumped talk; let’s get into just why Boozer is a stick rider.

So here we have Derrick Rose dunking on Joel Anthony. Pretty routine in Rose’s eyes. But not in Boozer’s eyes. Oh, no. He has to yell and stare Anthony down. Why? Because he just got dunked on by someone other than himself. But that doesn’t matter to a stick rider. He’s going to celebrate like he did it. Because that’s what stick riders do.

So to Carlos Boozer I have these words, get off Derrick Rose’s stick.

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  1. Boozer always yells now. Even when he hit a lay up sometimes. His skills have diminished, quickly, but his trash talking/yelling has picked up.

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