Bart Scott Seems To Think We’ll Start Thinking The Jets Are A Joke If They Don’t Make The Super Bowl

Now I know that professional athletes are a bit disconnected from the real world, but I wasn’t aware that the problem can be this severe. So apparently, Jets linebacker who obviously can’t wait thinks that we regular folk will start to see the Jets as a “joke” if they don’t make the Super Bowl. But what Scott doesn’t understand about us regular folk is that we began to think that the minute Rex Ryan began to guarantee Super Bowl appearances based on nothing at all. That’s kinda how things work in the real world.

But since we’re here, let’s hear the man out.

Scott said the team is 100 percent behind their coach, saying the players embrace the challenge, but he added: “I think it’s about time we get it done and see this thing through because, after a while, people are going to start looking at it as a joke.”

I happen to agree with Scott. Ryan has done wonderful things for the Jets in two seasons, but if they miss the Super Bowl again, his bold proclamations will be mocked by detractors.

Too late.

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