And Here’s The Boston Bruins’ Billboard That Caused Tampa Bay Lightning Fans To Resort To Death Threats

If attendance at Buccaneers and Rays games gave any indication, one would think that Tampa Bay fans aren’t exactly serious about their professional teams. That may be true, but as the bandwagon fills up for the Lightning, it’s definitely not true at the moment. And these Lightning fans are prepared to go to whatever lengths to prove it. Just ask staffers at TD Garden in Boston. They know all about this new breed of serious Tampa Bay fans.

The Stanley Cup-chasing Boston Bruins removed a billboard poking fun at Tampa Bay fans after staffers at the TD Garden got harassing phone calls — and even some death threats — from enraged Lightning lovers.

Bruins spokesguy Matt Chmura told the Track that a Tampa Bay radio station gave out the phone numbers to the Bruins front office and staffers were inundated with calls from Lightning fans protesting a billboard at the Garden that read, “The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Tampa Bay Lightning Fans.”

“They were homophobic, racist and went as far as death threats,” Chmura said. “At the end of the day, we don’t want to put our staff through that. We want them to be comfortable. So we just decided to take (the billboard) down.”

So just how did normally uninterested Tampa Bay fans suddenly become so interested? And in a billboard at that? It’s all part of radio host’s mission that he compares to the Navy Seal’s Bin Laden mission.

Yes, I just wrote that.

The brouhaha began earlier this week when Tampa Bay rock radio bomb-tosser Cowhead, aka Mike Calta, fired up his listeners to call the Bruins marketing department to protest the billboard. On Wednesday, the team took it down.

“In a swift and strong attack we showed the Bruins organization that not only do we exist, but we are ready to fight for our team,” Calta told the St. Petersburg Times. “We moved in like Seal Team 6 and shut them down in a way that other teams they attacked have never been able to do.”

See happens when the bandwagon begins to fill up? The crazies show up.

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  1. Way to do your research. The Lightning averaged just 297 less fans than the Bruins this year per game. What bandwagon?? “The Way Sports SHOULD Be Reported” would include opinionated crap like,”See happens when the bandwagon begins to fill up? The crazies show up.” being backed up with FACTS!

    • Gay Boucher says:

      Downie and the other Tampa clowns can get their clubs ready for the off-season.

    • Here’s a fact for you.

      Tampa Bay was 21st in the NHL in percentage of capacity. 21st. Out of 30. Yeah… Pride-on, Tampa! Pride-on!

      • It’s all in the love the game. Hockey is a tough sport. Fans of the lightning do exist. The stats do show that. But at the same time those people attending their games for the most part are just fans of hockey. Bruins fans, Canadians fans, flyers fans that have all moved to Florida. Those are seats filled for dirt cheap. I’m a bruins fan that attended multiple panthers games for the bruins or just to watch a good game of hockey for 15 bucks. The reaction tithe billboard is silly though. Death threats? Really? The flyers didn’t freak out when we called their women, men. All in all though, the Bruins will be battling for that cup after a great 7 game match up with the lightning.

  2. boston = the real bandwagon says:

    makes it even funnier coming from boston fans, the same ones who for 20 years didnt care about the celtics, for 80 years couldnt fill tiny fenway park fenway was almost knocked down before 2004, no one in boston cared), and almost let the pats move to CT cause no one cared….i always said the bruins needed a title for boston to care about them like the pats, red sox and celtics….looks like im right

  3. 2004 made boston fans intolerable says:

    boston also has a tendency to build smaller parks and arenas, easier to sell out and claim 100% capacity when your arena holds 5000 less than a lot of teams..same with fenway wow they sellout every night, it only holds 37,000 half the teams in baseball would sell it out nightly…in comparison fenway couldnt hold the average home crowd at yankee stadium or phillies park

    and always remember before celtics, red sox and pats won titles…their fields and arenas NEVER SOLD OUT yes the tiny ones never sold out too, lol

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