Let’s Start The Day With Vin Mazzaro Giving Up 14 Runs In Just 2 ½ Innings

For those of you that are rolling into your office today dreading that today is on Tuesday, let me introduce you to a man that is more than happy that Monday is over and it’s finally Tuesday. That man is Royals pitcher Vin Mazzaro.

Do you want to know what his Monday consisted of?

Do you really?

Well, his Monday consisted of him taking the mound against the Cleveland Indians and in a mere 2 ½ innings he was taking a seat in the dugout after giving up 14 runs. And it gets worse. After his not so stellar performance, he was rewarded with a trip down to the minor leagues.

After their 19-1 loss Monday night to Cleveland, the Kansas City Royals sent right-hander Vin Mazzaro down to Triple-A Omaha and recalled left-hander Everett Teaford.

Mazzaro gave up 14 runs in 2 1-3 innings to the Indians, breaking the Royals record of 11 runs allowed in a game.

He gave up 10 runs in the fourth inning and became the third pitcher since 1947 to allow 14 runs in a game, according to STATS LLC.

Now what were you saying about your Monday again?

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