VCU Students Celebrated The Rams’ Historical Run By Rioting After Loss To Butler

Last week, we discussed the possibility of the world, but mainly everyone outside of Virginia, growing to hate VCU because of all the clever, and not so clever ways VCU fans used to celebrate their historic run. Well, their historic run came to an end on Saturday after losing to Butler 70-62. So it turns out that we don’t have to end up hating VCU after. See, it all worked out.

But enough of that. You’re here to watch footage of VCU fans rioting in the streets. Luckily for you, we have footage of those riots from two vantage points. The vantage point of a serious videographer who turns the whole thing into a documentary. And the vantage point of a man with a video camera on a bike.

I’m so serious.

Here’s the serious videographer’s vantage point

And here’s the man on the bike’s vantage point

Rioting after your team makes school history? No one can hate you for that.

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