Tim Tebow Was On His Way To Alabama Until A Man Named Urban Meyer Came Into His Life

It rare that we get to bring you a love story here at No Guts. But today, we have the tale of a match made it in heaven.

It involves a young man named Tim Tebow who was fresh out of high school and embarking on a journey of choosing a university to play football for. Along this journey, Tebow met many men and visited many universities. And just as Tebow began to believe that he had it all figured out, he met a man that changed everything.

That man was Urban Meyer.

“It was very close. I mean, down to the very last second I had no idea where I was going to go and it was between two great schools. My whole high school career, I thought I was going to Alabama because Urban wasn’t at Florida at that time, and they had Coach Shula — I loved him, I respected him as family, I loved the passion Alabama fans had for the game. That was something, you watch me play, I love it, I’m passionate about it, and seeing those fans, I loved it, I was in to it. And they had great players and I had become friends with a lot of their players, so most of my high school career I honestly thought I was going to Alabama. Then this guy named Urban Meyer got the job at Florida, and he worked harder than any coach at singlehandedly trying to recruit for a year and a half. And at the end I bought into it, I believed him. You could see something about this guy in his eyes – that fire, that passion – that he’s something special, that he’s going to do something special. And I believed I could lead his team to do something extremely special. And I believed that. At the end of the day, that’s why I went to Florida. It wasn’t because it was close to home, it wasn’t because of the spread offense, it was because I believed in the man Urban Meyer.”

See that? Not a dry eye in the room. It’s ok though. Because love is a beautiful thing.

Tim Tebow: “I honestly thought I was going to Alabama, then this guy named Urban Meyer got the job at Florida.” (Sports Radio Interviews)

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