Things Are Getting Crazy In The State Of Alabama As The Crimson Tide Have Been Accused Of Paying For A Recruit

The state of Alabama is beginning to get out of control as another pay for play allegation has surfaced, but this time it’s the Crimson Tide’s turn. First, if you follow recruiting, then you know about the Brent Calloway saga. And if you don’t, let me fill you in.

Calloway was committed to Alabama up until the high school U.S. All American Game where he dropped Alabama and committed to Auburn. Rumors began to surface saying his family was upset with the decision which led to Calloway disappearing from school for a few days. Calloway showed back up on National Signing Day and committed back to Alabama.

Now that you are caught up, let’s fast forward to the present and introduce Jeffrey Lee. Lee works for’s Auburn site and Thursday morning he was a guest on Mobile, Alabama radio station WNSP-FM and basically said that Alabama paid for Calloway.

Here is the play by play from

A supporter of Alabama took Calloway to Tuscaloosa multiple times including the weekend prior to national signing day.

* The supporter allegedly then drove Calloway out of state and kept him there until he returned to his hometown of Russellville, Alabama on signing day.

* Before Calloway’s final trip to Tuscaloosa pre-signing day, the Bama supporter allegedly made cash payments to Harland “Peaches” Winston who is Calloway’s adoptive father.

* Winston supposedly received $2,500 from the Bama fan on at least one occasion.

* Supposedly, Winston also received aid in catching up on his home mortgage.

* The fan also allegedly provided Calloway with a new car that the player drove to school. Supposedly enough questions were asked about the car that it was returned on the same day.

* Allegedly, the car was purchased by the Bama supporter from a dealership in Muscle Shoals owned by yet another Alabama supporter.

* Supposedly, the supporter told Calloway that he would receive $1,200 per month while playing at Alabama.

All I can say is stay tuned because like Jim Ross would say, “business is about to pick up”.

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  1. Let the accusations begin! This is what happens when one team is a winner and others are not. Jealousy is the word.

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