That $40,000 Paycheck Wasn’t Enough To Stop Mike Leake From Stealing Those T-Shirts

By now, you’ve heard the tale of Reds pitcher Mike Leake being arrested for allegedly stealing t-shirts from Macy’s. But what you haven’t heard is what happened to Leake last Friday.

On that day, Leake got his paycheck from Reds. A paycheck that totaled $40,000. With that paycheck in hand, Leake still went ahead and stole six t-shirts that totaled about $60.00.

So what are we missing here? Who the h*ll knows.

On Friday, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake was handed a paycheck for $40,000.

On Monday, Leake was arrested at the downtown Cincinnati Macy’s for allegedly shoplifting six t-shirts valued at $59.65.

A security camera taped him ripping off the tags on the shirts and walking off with them. Hard evidence to refute.
If this is true, what was he thinking?

That he really likes those shirts, maybe?

Here is a 23-year-old guy who little more than two years ago was handed a $1.8 million signing bonus as the team’s No. 1 draft pick. Here is a kid who is making $425,000 a year.

And he allegedly pilfers six cheap shirts? Clubhouse manager Rick Stowe could have given him six expensive t-shirts.

Instead, his image is tarnished forever and no matter how many shutouts he throws or complete games he throws he’ll be forever remembered as that kid caught on camera lifting cheap shirts.

And don’t forget the label of “the guy who doesn’t understand that $40,000 > $59.65”. That’s probably the saddest thing about all of this.

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