That $250 And Those Credit Cards Weren’t Enough To Stop Mike Leake From Stealing Those T-Shirts

The saga of Reds pitcher Mike Leake being arrested for shoplifting (even though he had recently been paid $40,000 by the Reds) rolls along with yet another twist.

What if I told you that upon Leake’s arrest, he had in his possession $250 and not one, not two, but three credit cards? Well, I just told you.

So what are we missing here? Who the h*ll knows.

[Mike] Leake spent just under two hours in jail Monday before being released. As is customary with jail bookings, inmates are not allowed to bring many personal items into their cells with them.

In Leake’s case, deputies stored away $250 in cash that Leake had with him as well as two Visa cards and a Master Card, among other items, according to paperwork obtained from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Ok, this beginning to get a little disturbing. I’m not sure if I can take many more details about this story. But for some odd reason, I want more.

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