Ryan Mallet Talks Football With Jon Gruden While John Daly Confuses Everyone With His Presence

Ryan Mallet’s appearance on Jon Gruden’s “QB Camp” was both normal and not so normal. Mallet and Gruden discussed football related issues, some of the criticism Mallet has received, and Mallet even jumped on the white board to show off his white boarding skills. Totally normal.

Then, with just a camera pan, the world gets to see John Daly sitting in the room with Mallet and Gruden.

Totally not normal.

I have no idea what purpose John Daly served in the meeting room other than to protect his fellow Arkansas alum, Ryan Mallett, from tough questions in the latest edition of Jon Gruden’s “QB Camp.”

Trust me, the rest of the world has no idea what his purpose was either.

Gruden talks to Mallett and … John Daly? (ESPN)

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