Russian Man Killed Over Tyson, Klitschko Argument

Russian teacher, Nikolai Makeyev, was involved in a heated discussion involving boxing great Mike Tyson and the Klitschko brothers recently in Tyumen, Russia.

Makeyev argued that Tyson would beat either of the Klitschkos in a boxing match. Subsequently his two friends, who were both at his apartment during the debate, accused  Makeyev of being a trader that lacked patriotism.

Makeyev proceeded to stabbed one man to death after the argument  while the other was fortunate enough to get away before being injured.

According to Russian investigators, alcohol played a major role in the argument and stabbing.

Tyson/Klitschko debate leads to stabbing (FOX Sports)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i remember getting into a very heated conversation with a friend over tyson vs bruce lee once

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