Rickie Fowler Learned Pretty Quickly That Wearing Your Hat Backwards Isn’t Tolerated At Augusta National

Augusta National is long known for its exclusivity and rules. What you may get away with at other tournaments, you just can’t get away with at the Masters. So you’re left with two choices. Fall in line or take whatever you want to do outside the gates of Augusta National.

Rarely does a golfer attempt to circumvent those choices, because it’s pretty much pointless to do so. But luckily for us, we’ve found a golfer that tried just that. So we get to delight in the tale of how Rickie Fowler got punked by an Augusta National member.

Rickie Fowler discovered that rules carry some weight at Augusta National.

As the youngster sat down for his interview in the media center, he was vintage Fowler – meaning he turned his hat around backwards. When he was asked by Augusta National member Ron Townsend to turn it around, Fowler explained that he does it that way so that people can see his face, an explanation that earned him zero credit points with Townsend.

A second request to turn it around was granted by Fowler.

Now who else wants to try Augusta National and Ron Townsend?

Thought so.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does everything in america have to have a rule?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because that's what sets us apart from animals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No it's what makes us suck. That old man probably cheats on his wife but feels pride in telling a star athlete to turn his hat around…fuck that shit

    • Fuck off asshole. I would love to see your dumb ass try that bullshit at Augusta. I would also love to see someone beat your faggot ass and than take a shit in your puma hat and slam it back on your head.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shut up you fucking dirt wizard. It's called having class and respect for the game and tradition. Fowler is a GDI ans shouldn't be allowed at Augusta National. I'm surprised he didn't burst into flames. Also, if you hate rules I guess you won't mind if I break into your house and borrow your tv since I want a second one in my room.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Amen brother – at the end of the day, its their club, their tournament, their rules. It's an invitational event afterall, so if you don't like the rules, you don't have to show up. Likewise, you can de-invited; forced to wait for the Valero Texas Open next week…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fowler earned the right to be there – he wasn't on the corse with his hat backwards or his pants hanging of his ass.. I guess they will tell him how to wipe his ass when he takes a shit. Townsend should find something to do since he's not good enough to play in the tournament.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "Shut up you fucking dirt wizard"
    Excellent sir, what's more is your also probably excited to see Tiger there who cheated on his wife as well. Hope your dick burns when you take it out of your boyfriends ass 😉 Kisses

  8. Anonymous says:

    all of you have such great vocabularies.
    It's Augusta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the new kid on the block and must ease into being excepted by the older school golf community.

  9. Norman Parker says:

    It’s the ongoing amending and ignoring of rules, mores and social expectations that have MORE people NOT paying taxes than those WHO DO. You youngsters stay this course and you won’t have to worry about televised golf or the participants’ “cool dude” personas as you will run out of people to mooch off of…be they your friends, parents or fellow Americans…and televisions will be way down the list of things you want. Behind food, clothing, shelter, etc. I just try to see little Ricky and his bright ATTIRE in perspective. One day, so will you.

    • anonymous says:

      I see nothing wrong with Augusta National, a private club, asking whomever to foolish their rules while on their grounds. We all need checks on our etiquette and Ricky Fowler received his. What I take offense to as a 30 year old male is people like Mr. Norman Parker making this a battle of  generations and implying that the youngsters are responsible for the economical meltdown we are in. Social Security is a broken system because of your generation sir. Not mine. Last time I checked my retirement plan it was 100% self-funded (no pensions or social security to count on). Can you say the same? Next time you decide to post your thoughts, try keeping it on the subject at hand and not calling out an entire generation. So I’ll play the role of Mr. Townsend and tell you, don’t do that.

  10. Augusta is full of Racist ignorant bastards! Anyone would agrees is also one. Fowler should have been there & earned that right. So you go burst into flames.

    • Doctor Buttcheeks says:

      Racist shouldn’t be capitalized.
      “Anyone would agrees is also one” makes absolutely no sense grammatically or in the context of your argument.

      Fowler was invited to be there, it’s a private tournament. If they want to stick to tradition and maintain a sense of class they have the right to ask him to turn his hat around.

      There are nonwhite members of Augusta National, and now their are even female members.

      You burst in flames Chili Chomper.

  11. Typical disrespectful douchebag kid. Cut your hair too. This isn’t a skate park.

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