Pedro Martinez (And His Curl) Still Wants To Pitch

The fossil that Pedro Martinez has become still thinks he can help a MLB team. Even though, he hasn’t pitched since 2009, he still thinks he can help a MLB team. And furthermore, he admits he’s not completely in shape, but he still thinks he can help a MLB team.

So long story short? Perdro Martinez thinks he can still help a MLB team.

He went ahead and said so in a recent interview with the NY Times.

If a major league team called, how soon could you be ready to pitch in a game?

I’m in shape right now and I’m training and I’m playing catch, so getting to full strength would probably take me a month, month and a half, to be on a mound.

Um, ok.

If the Yankees, the Phillies and the Red Sox called you to pitch and offered the same salary, which team would you sign with?

I’d probably have to say the Red Sox. I would like to win a World Series in the National League, so the Phillies are in there, too. But for the time I’m going to be playing, I think Boston is more suitable so that I can retire with the Boston Red Sox and go to the Hall of Fame with the same hat.

Red Sox, huh? Sounds like he somehow thinks the Red Sox are going to contend this season.

Who will win the National and American League pennants and the World Series this year?

I believe if the pitching staff stays healthy, I’d pick the Phillies to win the World Series and National League. In the American League, I’d probably have to go with the Red Sox. They’re loaded. They have pitching, they have everything, so I think they’re due.

And there it is.

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