Orlando Predators Owner Uses A Billboard In Jacksonville To Let The Locals Know How He Really Feels

It’s not everyday you read about a rivalry brewing in Arena Football, but I think that’s all that is about to change. Orlando Predators owner Brett Bouchy doesn’t like how he was treated by the Jacksonville Sharks fans and to prove it, he has created a billboard on I-95 in Jacksonville to let it be known. The picture above is self explanatory and absolutely hilarious as well. Bouchy says that after last year’s playoff victory against the Sharks, things went sour when people from Jacksonville let him have it.

“After a victory, I was with my children at the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum, and I had a bunch of inebriated fans that were yelling profanity at my family, and it got very personal for me,” he said. “So that was one of the reasons I decided to put up the message. It’s a message for our entire organization, but it’s personal for me.”

Bouchy also wants everyone to know that this is not a publicity stunt.

“It really isn’t a marketing strategy,” he said. “There’s no game I would rather win on the schedule than the game against Jacksonville. They are a rival. I believe these are the two best teams in arena football, and our fans don’t like each other. You would not believe the comments that have been on Facebook on the Orlando Predators page as well as the Jacksonville Sharks page. It just shows you the classless people the Jacksonville Sharks are.”

Since I grew up in Jacksonville I’m going to give Bouchy some advice. Don’t show up to the arena Saturday. The reason I say this is because I know how people operate in Jacksonville. They won’t stop until they put their hands on you.

I wasn’t going to watch the game, but now I think I’m going to tune in to see what happens.

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  1. Dshiznit says:

    Finally somebody with some balls besides Mark Cuban…..

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