One Hockey Referee Trips Over A Ceremonial Carpet, So A Second Hockey Referee Decides To Trip Over The Same Ceremonial Carpet

Questions that instantly come to mind:

Why is there a ceremonial carpet at a hockey game?

What made these referees think that they could skate over a ceremonial carpet?

Why is there a ceremonial carpet at a hockey game?

Via Deadspin

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  1. i know the answer but here is the scenario team A has a power play but doesnt seem to be doing to well being sent back to get the puck all the time, 1 minute has expired in to the power play for team A but then a break away pass for team A… in all alone and trip up theres gonna be a penalty shot. The puck is placed in center ice and referee signals that he can start to make his way up ice and he does. Deaks the goalie out cold and scores. Does the power play continues or expires?

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