N.C. State Hires Mark Gottfried

After searching for weeks for a new head basketball coach, North Carolina State has hired former Alabama coach Mark Gottfried.

Gottfried spent 11 seasons at Alabama subsequently resigning in 2009. Under Gottfried’s leadership, the Crimson Tide had 5 NCAA appearances. He’ll be inheriting Sidney Lowe’s program which hasn’t seen the post season in 5 years.

Either N.C. State has an affinity for mediocre coaches or getting big names to Raleigh is tough because of in-state powerhouses Duke and North Carolina.

Recruiting will be tough. Even at Alabama, Gottfried was an average recruiter and with the ‘big boys’ nearby that task won’t get any easier. Three years from now, N.C. State will again have a vacancy.

N.C. State hires Gottfried (AP via FOX Sports)

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