More Than A Year Later, Mack Brown Still Can’t Get Over Losing The National Title To Alabama

Many coaches these days tell their players that you can’t worry about what happened in the past, you can only control the present. They also say that this is a new year and last year doesn’t matter anymore. Well, someone needed to tell Texas coach Mack Brown that. He just couldn’t let go of the past. And he definitely couldn’t erase the memory of Texas’ loss to Alabama for the National Title.

Brown said it started on the plane ride after the game.

“I pouted,” Brown said Thursday afternoon from his office in Austin. “I wanted it so badly. I knew what it meant to Colt (McCoy), to all our players. I knew what it meant to our fans and the state of Texas. When we lost, I’m not sure I came back out of it the way I should have.”

“I learned that you have to start over every season,” he said, “and maybe I didn’t do that. We lost some of our toughness, some of our edge. We got soft at the line of scrimmage.”

Well there you have it Longhorn fans. Your team went 5-7 last season because Brown just learned that he has to start over every season. For a guy who has coached as long as Brown has, you would think this would be second nature to him, but I guess not.

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