Mike Ditka’s Son Gets Arrested For DUI, Blames It On Being Named Mike Ditka

The mug shot above is of Mike Ditka’s son, Mike Ditka Jr. Ditka Jr. was arrested recently on DUI charges that he intends to fight. Because you see, Ditka Jr. believes that even though he had been drinking and was in a parked car, that he shouldn’t have been arrested. In fact, in his eyes, he was only arrested because his name is Mike Ditka.

“I was not driving a car,” said Ditka, 49. “I was parked. The keys weren’t even in the ignition. I plan on pleading not guilty.”

He also claimed police unfairly targeted him because of his famous name.
“If my name was Joe Smith, this would not have happened,” Ditka said.

According to a Deerfield police report, at about midnight on April 20 a police officer saw a black Hummer with its headlights on, running in the parking lot of the Deerfield Village Centre Apartments, in the 600 block of Deerfield Road. The officer then observed the Hummer drive into the rear parking lot of West Deerfield Township, 601 Deerfield Road, before turning off its headlights.

When Ditka exited the vehicle, the officer allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol, the report said.

The officer also alleged in the report that Ditka’s eyes were bloodshot, and he had slurred speech.

According to the report, the passenger allegedly told police that Ditka had been at the wheel when it had pulled into the West Deerfield Township parking lot.

Good luck with that “if my name was Joe Smith this wouldn’t have happened” defense, Mike. You’re going to need it.

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