Mark Cuban And Phil Jackson Are Fighting (Again)

Mark Cuban and Phil Jackson just can’t seem to consistently get along. One minute, they’re passing each other glowing compliments through the media, and the next they are pissing in each other’s cornflakes through the media. And through it all, we are left to wonder why there seems to be so much (sexual?) tension between the two.

Maybe, Cuban is jealous of the fact that Jackson has actually accomplished something in the NBA. Something that Cuban, despite trying everything in his power, has yet to accomplish.

Or maybe, Jackson is jealous of the fact that Cuban has found the secret to the fountain of youth. Something that Jackson has yet to find as his body withers away on the sideline.

Whatever it is, it causes the two to go at one another for the silliest things. Case in point, whether or not Ron Artest can make good decisions running the triangle offense.

I wish I was joking.

Just when it looked as if Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban were friends again…

The Dallas Mavericks’ owner said he wanted Lakers forward Ron Artest to have the ball in his hands more often and be forced to make more decisions in the complex triangle offense.

“Anything that puts the ball in Ron Artest’s hands is always a good thing,” Cuban told reporters earlier Thursday. “You can tell him that I’ll even take him out for ice cream. Of all the choices you have on that team, you want Ron Artest making the decisions in the triangle.”

The Lakers’ coach responded with a zinger or two for Cuban.

“I know that Mark likes to prick the skin of people, but he’s not a player. He just sits behind the bench with his sun-tanned face and tries to make comments like that,” Jackson said Thursday. “He’s got nothing to do with it. I know that he’s provided a great roster that’s almost as good as money can buy … but not quite.”

Get a room, fellas. We won’t think any less of you.

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