Gregg Popovich Doesn’t Like The 3-Point Line (And Presumably Anything You Youngsters Like)

Gregg Popovich is old school. And he has no problem letting you know that he’s old school. So when the discussion turns to the 3-point shot in the NBA, Popovich, predictably, unveils his old school way of thinking about shooting the ball from a farther distance for an extra point.

If Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had his way, every arena in the NBA would be due a makeover.

If the league rules committee would allow it, he would personally travel to every building from the Staples Center to Madison Square Garden and scrub the 3-point line off the court himself.

See, typical old school thinking.

Work smarter, Pop. Not harder.

“I’m old-school, I wish there weren’t any threes,” Popovich said. “It would be more basketball-like to me.”

Instead, each NBA gym comes equipped with an arc painted 23 feet, 9 inches from the basket at its apex, beckoning shooters to step right up and gamble for extra points.

This season, the 3-point shot has been uncommonly good to the Spurs, who have made 671 of them, shattering the franchise mark of 625 and sparking the most prolific offense of Popovich’s 15 seasons.

More typical old school thinking.

Yeah, this cell phone is very useful, but I want my rotary phone back!

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t go on a crusade about the length of player’s shorts. That could get ugly.

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