The Glory Lines: Buccaneers To Release Aqib Talib, Brandon Marshall Stabbed By His Wife, & Chris Paul Would Hit His Momma On The Court

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Here’s An Unintentionally Splendid Moment In Soccer-Match Photography (Deadspin)

Knicks ousted from playoffs by Celtics; heat’s on D’Antoni (NY Post)

Orlando Magic season is now on life support (Orlando Sentinel)

Troubled Aqib Talib all but gone from Tampa Bay Buccaneers (St. Petersburg Times)

Roger Goodell Q&A: NFL commissioner states his case (USA Today)

NHL Announcer Flubs Boston/Montreal Game 5 Winner (Outside the Boxscore)

Knicks considering two-year extension for Walsh (CBS Sports)

Miami Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall released from hospital after stabbing (Miami Herald)

Ray Allen Still (and Always) a Sight to Behold (The Legend of Cecilio Guante)

Chris Paul gives a rather descriptive post game interview

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