Even After The HBO Special, Stanley McGlover Still Loves Auburn

Now that everyone has seen HBO’s Real Talk special, Stanley McGlover is attempting damage control because he is now a hated man. McGlover sat down for a video interview where he revealed that a couple of days after the special aired, he met for two hours with a NCAA investigator. McGlover claims that he doesn’t remember the investigator’s name and says he didn’t give up any names.

“I told her I’m not doing it for that,” McClover told the Sun Sentinel. “I didn’t give her anything. She wasn’t mad. I think she respected where I was coming from. I told her I don’t want to get all caught up in that. That’s another way to cover up the truth, to talk about this money. Let’s talk about what it’s doing to these kids. They don’t want to talk about that.

Well, regardless of how McGlover tries to defend himself, he is still going to be hated by Auburn fans for a very long time.

What Stanley McClover told the NCAA about Auburn (Sun Sentinel)

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