Duke Fan Writes A Sarcastic Open Letter To Kyrie Irving Urging Him To Leave Duke

If you follow college basketball, you may have heard that Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving is in the running to be the top pick in this year’s NBA draft. Well, this particular Duke fan knows that as well. so he proceeds to tell Irving that he should declare for the draft, but with a little sarcasm to go with it. Former Duke player William Avery was even thrown under the bus in the process to prove a point.

“Don’t follow in the footsteps of William Avery, you’ll be warned; he made the wise decision to leave Duke after his sophomore year, and use the NBA as a stepping stone to an illustrious career in Europe. Don’t let those comparisons get you down, though, even if Avery did get the privilege of watching from the sidelines as his former college teammates celebrated a national championship.”

This fan also pointing out that the NBA could be in a lockout after this season.

“And if you’re still not convinced, remember that if you go pro, you might not even have to play next year! Who really wants to play, anyway? Sure, you won’t get paid any of that major contract that you’d sign as a top draft pick, but at least you won’t have to endure the grind of professional sports. Some of those same haters from before will probably call it a wasted season, as Europe will probably be the only place to play in the interim, but that won’t affect your NBA salary. As long as the rookie salary structure stays the same, that is.”

I know that this is all in fun, but some fans just don’t have anything to do with their time.

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  1. Mike UNCG says:

    I think he made VERY valid points.

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