Did Trooper Taylor Turn Down A Job With The Dallas Cowboys?

Well, according to Auburn commit Zeke Pike, he did. Pike was being interviewed after he committed to Auburn and was answering the usual questions that a recruit would be asked when he commits to a school. Pike was then asked about the allegations against Auburn and if he was concerned about the NCAA leveling Auburn with sanctions. Pike answered the question but also raised some eyebrows.

“If they thought they were going to (have) any NCAA allegations I think a lot of the coaches would have left,” Pike said. “Coach Malzahn turned down $15 million to stay there. Coach Trooper, the receivers coach, turned down his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, to stay there.”

Now, I don’t know if this is just a coach telling a recruit something to make Auburn look good or if this rumor has some legs to it. If Taylor did turn the Cowboys, he probably wasn’t offered the WR coach position. I guess something will come out in a few days about this.

Pike commits to national champs (Cincinnati.com)

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