And Here’s The Manny Ramirez Tampa Bay Rays T-Shirt That Is Suddenly Useless

Manny Ramirez’s sudden retirement last week has predictably sent a few ripple effects. The Rays’ attempt at grabbing a big name to hopefully keep the team respectable, and most importantly, sells some tickets is now gone. And an even bigger ripple effect is being felt by a few entrepreneurs at that were hoping to make a buck off of “Manny being Manny” in Tampa.

Since Manny Ramirez arrived in Tampa Bay, the fans have been going bananas over the dreadlocked super star whom we have nicknamed “MannyRay“. Get your exclusive Manny Ray t-shirts while they’re hot! The nickname “MannyRay” was contrived from the correlation of Manny’s name with a Manta Ray. MannyRay™ is going to take Tampa Bay by storm by hitting homerun after homerun. The fans are excited and so should the whole MannyRay™ Nation, because sooner or later “Manny being Manny” will be known as “MANNYRAY BEING MANNYRAY”. MannyRay™ is here to PLAY and here to STAY in TAMPA BAY!

But alas, MannyRay is no longer being MannyRay in Tampa, and now the guys that run are stuck with t-shirts that no one needs anymore.

A group of locals who hatched the idea for a cool Manny/Rays T-shirt spend their own money on a website and product, trying as much to generate interest and goodwill more than profit, agreeing to donate $4 from each sale to the families of St. Petersburg’s slain police officers. Now they’re stuck with about 500 shirts and, according to founder Jacob Reuter, “looking at a huge loss.”

Just another example of “Manny being Manny”.

The real losers of Manny Ramirez’s exit from the Tampa Bay Rays (St. Petersburg Times)

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