And Here Are Two Grown Men Kissing While The Cleveland Indians Were Busy Beating The Boston Red Sox

Ok, I’ll admit it. Posting this is awkward.

But somehow not as awkward as these two grown men finally kissing after both of them leaned in awkwardly when the other wasn’t ready.

And now I feel even more awkward for analyzing this whole thing.

Via Deadspin

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  1. Anonymous says:


    How do you think those of us who are HUGE Sports fans—-and, just happen to be Gay—-how do you think we like seeing pics of scantily clad women with boobs about to pop out, too-big bellies in too-small clothing…or, TWO GIRLS kissing?

    SAME WAY YOU DID, dude. AWKWARD, GROSS, PATHTETIC, SICKENED….and just plain ol' like WHAT THE HECK DO EITHER HAVE TO DO WITH WINNING GAMES??? WHEN YOU POSTED THIS POSTING of 2 guys kissing? (which never got to see due to MLB copywrite issues)

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