And Here Are A Few Rather Entertaining Court Room Sketches From The Barry Bonds Perjury Trial

Though we’ve been privy to many of the details that have been revealed during Barry Bonds’ perjury trial (namely, his sexual performance issues and his stalker tnedency issues), we have not been privy to what is going on in the court room. Well, until now.
Court room sketch artist Norman Quebedeau has been sketching out all the goings on in the court room. And he has even been kind enough to share those sketches on Facebook.

So what will you learn from the sketches?

1) You’ll learn that Jason Giambi has spawned into Matt Foley with a beard.
2) You’ll learn that Jeremy Giambi is still alive.
3) You’ll learn that Barry Bonds, even in sketch form, doesn’t have a neck.

Uh oh. Looks like Barry is angry with Kimberly Bell again.

Where’s your neck, Barry?

Living in a van down by the river these days, huh Jason?

Just happy to see you’re still with us Jeremy.

And just for good measure, look at this dude’s head….

Hopefully we chalk that head up to the “artist’s rendition”.

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