Allen Iverson Opts For The “Do You Know Who I Am” Defense After Being Pulled Over By Cops

Allen Iverson is having a rough go at it these days. Beyond the issues that he is said to be dealing with these days, he also feels that people are beginning to forget who he is. So when he and an associate were pulled over in Atlanta for a traffic violation, he used the opportunity to see if the police officer recognized him. And of course, to try out some of his favorite cuss words on him.

Iverson, who was a passenger in his own car, grew impatient during the stop and wanted to get out and walk to a nearby restaurant. He was getting “irate” and the driver, Antwuan Clisby, was getting “angry,” Officer S.J. Durham wrote in the report. Their behavior prompted a call for a backup officer.
The car had a dealer tag, and after running it through a computer, Durham realized it was two years old.

When a tow truck was called, Iverson got really steamed.

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” he reportedly told Durham. “Police don’t have anything else [expletive] to do except [expletive] with me. … Do you know who I am?”

For the next 20 minutes, according to the officer, Iverson “went on and on” about who he was.

Well? Do you know who he is officer, Durham?

“I stated to Mr. Iverson, it really doesn’t matter who you are,” Durham wrote. “You tried to conceal your vehicle with a fake drive-out tag due to you not paying for your tags.”

So he does know him! Win for Iverson!

And just for kicks, there’s this:

Apparently the tag fee on a Lambo is kind of pricey. Clisby, Iverson’s driver, responded: “Would you want to pay $10,000 for a tag?”

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

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