We Don’t Know If Randy Edsall Can Turn Maryland Into A Winner, But He Will Turn Them Into A Well Groomed Group Of Guys

Spring practice is underway at universities around the nation so now is a good time to check in Maryland’s new head coach Randy Edsall. If you recall, Edsall took the Maryland job days before his UConn team was to get embarrassed in the Orange Bowl. Since then, Edsall has been thinking about how he plans to revamp the Terrapins to get them to the level that he achieved with UConn.

So of course, he decided to implement new rules. Rules that go way beyond the football field.

No wearing ball caps or do-rags inside the Gossett Football Team House. No earrings. Players say they’ll be able to have facial hair if it is neatly trimmed.

“What we’re trying to do is prepare these kids for life,” Edsall said in an interview. “When you meet people for the first time, you make a lasting impression. We’re trying to instill discipline and give them an advantage over other people when they leave college. I know what employers are looking for.”

Unless employers are looking for individuals that quit their job by phone call instead of in person, you really don’t know what employers are looking for, Randy.

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