Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings Says Mississippi State Tried To Intentionally Hurt His Star Player

Now that the NCAA brackets are set, teams are starting their preparations for their first round opponents. Vanderbilt coach Keith Stallings was reviewing his game plan with reporters when the health of his star player John Jenkins was brought up. Well Stallings didn’t pull any punches as he accused Mississippi State of dirty play during their SEC tournament game. Stallings also said Mississippi State attempted to further injure Jenkins in Friday’s SEC Tournament quarterfinal in Atlanta.

“We actually had an incident in the tournament of a player intentionally stepping on it, and being told to by his coach,” Stallings said. “I thought that was very interesting that his coach was telling him, ‘Step on his foot! Step on his foot!’ “

If this is true, you can bet that the SEC will be talking to Mississippi State in the future.

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