This Red Sox Fan Is Also A Fan Of Robbing Banks

Today is quickly starting to play out like your local evening news. But we won’t apologize. I mean, we could be discussing that Brett Favre to the Panthers rumor.

Yeah, you don’t want that.

So let’s dig into the story of a serial bank robber who is taking Ohio by storm. And most importantly, he’s doing it while celebrating his fandom of the Boston Red Sox.

Authorities are searching for a possible serial bank robber who wears a distinctive Boston Red Sox baseball cap.

The man may be responsible for two bank robberies in Hamilton County last week and one this week in Butler County.

The suspect is described as a male white, late 20’s, 6’0, 170 lbs, last seen wearing dark sunglasses, dark colored zip-up type jacket, blue jeans, and purple gloves. He wore a Red Sox cap with the letter B offset with additional writing on the right side of the hat.

I guess this is where I make the joke about the Indians and Reds. But I won’t. It’s just too easy.

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