Scottie Pippen Had A Yard Sale On Saturday And Here Are The Pictures

Scottie Pippen yard sale line

We all are well aware of Scottie Pippen’s money troubles, so we won’t use this time to discuss where the h*ll all his money went. But we will use this time to discuss the huge mega-yard sale that Pippen had just this weekend to help with his money woes.

So just how huge was this huge-mega yard sale? Just huge enough for people to line up at 6:30 a.m. and wait for two hours just for the chance to get their hands on some merchandise that Scottie Pippen had no business buying.

Sale items ranged from a $1 for a Beanie Baby to about $4,000 for a modern art painting. On Saturday, shoppers began lining up at the door at about 6:30 a.m. for the sale that didn’t start at 9 a.m. [……] Even at about 4 p.m. an hour before close, about 100 people lined the driveway, half way to the curb. Most had spent about two hours waiting but still hadn’t been able to enter the home. Despite the steady stream of shoppers all day, a number of clocks, crystal, Lladro figurines, clothes and paintings were still available, but the Pippen memorabilia sold out in the first hour. The sale continued from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

The obligatory basketball court in the house

Scottie Pippen yard sale

A closet full of coats for those that wanted to stay warm the way Pippen does

Scottie Pippen yard sale

Figurines that no one wanted

Scottie Pippen yard sale

And of course, Bulls memorabilia

Scottie Pippen yard sale

All in all, looks like a good time was had by all. And hopefully the man made a little change.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Scottie Pippen hadn't lived in that house in 15 years… none of that stuff was his nor did he make any money on the sale.

  2. Mizzshizz says:

    That comment must have been written by his in denial 2nd wife. Its a known fact that Scottie bears the burden of supporting her brother and lifestyle. Karma is amazing.

  3. Leave Mr. Pippen and his business alone.What the hell are we serious!!! At least Mr. Pippen cares enough to take care of others less fortunate then he, even if that person is his brother, most of you chumps get on and what leave the fuck right up out of Chicago basically meaning when most get it right they forget they human and got family. Many of the elite become too popular to acknowledge that they have a brother that’s not as wealthy. Big ups to Scottie realize he took the bulls to the finals, he had the most assist to MJ, he understood Mr. Rodman challenges within the NBA, Mr. Pippen is thy Bull one of a few only from the Dream Team of the 90’s. The original defender of the year, realize that he defended the other teams best player, Harper could depend on points from Scottie as much as he could the other 3 players on the floor. While at the end of the day the media want to play him with exploiting his finances I say be strong be brave and sue the shit out the media group that broke the news publicly that you might be broke. The media been not for Scottie ever, his game just as good as Mike game though he did not get the big shoe deal, the media say nothing about his residuals though they call him broke, hell you want you can live with me if he that off. Though if the media want to talk about the man talk about why he the team ambassador and they still only gave hi, a little stink’ in half ass statue when the team won six rings, the media gave the credit majority to one person as if we all came out to grant park to see one person. Enough really he deserves to be given a coach Job with the team before they went and got an assistant coach, though I give big ups to TBI DOU, come forward or wait until the power is gained and be ruined Rose word on the street and in the front office of the Mad House on Madison is a University is under heat for your actions. Who You With?

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